Awkward Dimensions, 2 person show at LVL3 w/ Jaime Angelopoulos in Chicago, IL 8.22.15 - 9.20.15

Daydreamer's Folly, The Poison of Reason (in progress) dye, acrylic on hand sewn cotton, 10' x 15'

Forget Me Knots, 2015, bleach, dye, and acrylic on sewn, hand dyed cotton, 82 x 52 "

Sing Me Sweetly 2015, dye, acrylic, and watercolor on hand sewn cotton, 82 x 52"

Well Wishing, 2015, Dye, watercolor, and marker on cotton, 8.5 x 12"

Mirror Edge and Dancing Ground, 2015, dye on sewn cotton and hand dyed cotton, 11 x 14"