2018, 2019 / also see Stray Light Shadow Between

  1. Bringer of Light, 2018, dye and acryic on muslin, thread, 50x64”
  2. Dreamer (Alborada), 2016-2018, dye and acrylic on cotton, photograph of the sky on cotton, bleach, thread, 50x64”
  3. Ok Now We’re Dreaming, 2017-2018, dyed cotton, bleach, photograph of the sun on cotton, acrylic, dye, thread, 50x64”
  4. Warm in the Veins, 2018, dyed cotton, photograph on cotton, acrylic, and thread, 32x40”
  5. Ups and downs and all over the Moon and Sky, 2018, dyed cotton, bleach, dye, acrylic, and thread on cotton, 28x36”
  6. Warm and Familiar (starlight), 2018, dye and acrylic on muslin, thread, 24x30”
  7. A Place Where Dreamers Wilt, 2018, dye and acrylic on canvas and cotton, thread, 28x36”
  8. Serene/ Chaos No.36, 2016-2018, dyed cotton, photograph of the sky on cotton, dye, acrylic, thread, 14x18”
  9. Two Blued, 2019, zipper, dyed cotton, bleach, acrylic, thread, 11x14”
  10. Down the Vine, 2019, zipper, dyed cotton, muslin, acrylic, thread, 11x14”
  11. Long Dawn Shadows, 2017-2018, dyed cotton, watercolor, acrylic, photograph of the moon on cotton, and thread, 12x15”